Crack the Client Code: "The Ultimate Guide to Booking more Sales Calls with your Potential Coaching Clients"

  • Discover the top converting strategies I used to to book 100 sales calls in 30 days
  • The key to getting only the very best potential clients on the phone with you
  • Learn how you can fill your calendar with sales calls so you can hit your sales goals

If you're a new coach the best way to book clients is getting on the phone and conducting sales calls, 

The trick? Actually being able to book those sales calls - actually getting high quality potential clients on the phone with you. 

I got ya covered, I did this crazy experiment as a new coach and booked 100 sales calls to figure out which methods worked and why. 

Download the "quick guide" and find out exactly how you can book more sales calls with high quality prospects now. 

Kelita Kellman | Copyright 2019